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Have a question about installation? This is the place.

What is your product range?

We have two big categories of products: Retail and Custom. Retail Items:. Please be advised that not all products from our website are available for the entire list of materials.

What application surfaces do you recommend?

We recommend that our self-adhesive peel and stick vinyl wall decals be placed on smooth wall surfaces. Textured walls will disturb the adhesive and limit the timespan the item will stick to the wall surface. For customers with textured walls we sugg

Can I use Fatheads outdoors?

Fathead self-adhesive decals are designed to be used indoors on a clean, flat, smooth surface. Exposing our indoor product to outdoor weather and temperature will seriously affect the adhesive and void any warranty on the product. However, we do have

Can I move / reuse my Fathead items?

Start with two people when removing the Fathead from the top down and peel down slowly along the wall.Do not pull your decal straight off the wall as it may stretch, tear, or pull paint off with it.Once the Fathead has been removed, simply apply to t

Where do I leave a review?

Your feedback is really important to us!. Should you be interested in leaving a review regarding our services and products, you can simply go to, and choose Site Reviews to write one.

My product is not sticking. What do I do?

If you have recently purchased one of our items and is not sticking properly, we can gladly issue a replacement, providing the order is still within its 21 days warranty period and that you have followed all of the application instructions to the tee