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Can I move / reuse my Fathead items?Updated 2 years ago

  • Start with two people when removing the Fathead from the top down and peel down slowly along the wall.
  • Do not pull your decal straight off the wall as it may stretch, tear, or pull paint off with it.
  • Once the Fathead has been removed, simply apply to the original backing for storage. If this is no longer in your possession, you may apply to a vinyl shower curtain liner instead.
  • Make sure to smooth out any air bubbles, as this can result in the loss of adhesion. Then roll up and store your Fathead for the move (do not fold). 
  • When you are ready to reapply, visit Fathead for application instructions.
  • If you notice that your Fathead is less “sticky” after storage and would like to use additional adhesive to re-use your product, there is one that our customers prefer. It’s called a low-tack adhesive spray. You can purchase this at your local craft or hardware store. You will simply spray this onto the back of the Fathead, and follow the application instructions here
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